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9 Signs Your Workplace Is Toxic

Drama Llama Parade

More drama than a soap opera? Your workplace might need a script supervisor. Time for a toxicity check!

Coffee's Your Best Friend

When caffeine becomes your lifeline, your workplace might be draining your energy. Toxic vibes are brewing!

The Silent Treatment

Meetings are eerily quiet? Communication is down? Toxicity might be the office's invisible guest. Shhh... it's time to talk!

The Vanishing Act

Team members disappearing faster than a magic trick? It's not Hogwarts – it's a toxic workplace. Poof, they're gone!

The Blame Game Champ

If pointing fingers were an Olympic sport, your office would win gold. Toxicity level: off the charts!

The Desk Time Warp

Clock watching and feeling like time stands still? It's a sign your workplace may need a reality check. Toxicity warp!

Micromanagement Mania

Someone's always looking over your shoulder? It's not paranoia; it's workplace toxicity. Time to break free!

The All-Night Brigade

Burning the midnight oil every night? Your workplace may need a curfew. Toxicity keeps late hours!

Escape to Paradise

Daydreaming about remote islands? Your workplace might be inspiring vacation fantasies. Toxicity won't buy your ticket!