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Friendliest Dog Breeds for Your Family

Cuddlebug Alert: Beagle

Don't let those puppy eyes fool you! Our friendly Labradr takes the 10th spot for its accidental clumsiness."

The Smiley Lab

Labrador Retrievers are the goofballs of the dog world. Their love for life is contagious, and they adore family adventures.

The Floofy Bichon Frise

Small but mighty in friendliness! These fluffy balls of joy are perfect for families looking for a pint-sized pal.

Charming Bulldogs

Bulldogs may look tough but have hearts of gold. They're loyal and great with kids. Bonus: funny snorts and wiggles!

Playful Pugs

These gentle giants are natural protectors and gentle with kids. Plus, they give the best bear hugs!

Sweet as Can Be: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

With those soulful eyes, Cavaliers are love experts. They're great with families and always up for a cuddle.

Energizer Bunny - Dalmatian

Dalmatians bring the fun! Their boundless energy makes them great playmates for active families.

All-around Awesome: Boxer

Boxers are a perfect blend of fun and loyalty. They'll be your family's biggest cheerleaders and the best of friends.